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Kylene Hilton
10/23/2011 7:13am

Both Mack and I are so very proud of you two.


10/23/2011 8:41am

Congratulations to the both of you!

No doubt that this is just the springboard to a successful career in this venue!

Excellent, excellent...!


10/23/2011 1:17pm

Nice site. So these pictures of the RR trellis and river shows the actual site of where Gina's car was found? That's really interesting--it makes the story more real and even a bit creepy. Murders are always creepy, whether solved or unsolved. Best of luck to the two of you.

Paul Canada
10/27/2011 6:03am

I moved to Radford during the time this story/trial was unfolding. It gripped everyone. Today's Dateline episodes don't hold a candle to this. Mystery, tragedy, a divided town, and innocense lost - a great, compelling story. This needs to be on the big screen. Is Scorcese available?

11/03/2011 6:42pm

Awesome website! Great pictures! Congratulations! Good luck Saturday at the Awards Ceremony! We are so very proud of our Radford natives!

Tom Roberts
11/17/2011 5:08pm

Am listening to the Public Radio Broadcast about the movie. Sounds very interesting. I was a freshman at Virginia Tech at the time of the murder. I remember the news reports. Need to put more information about the movie on the web site.

Beth & Greg Rappaport
11/30/2011 4:36pm

We listened to the interview - very well done. Interesting topic and congrats on the award! It was good to run into you on Thanksgiving Day -- of course, not in Richmond . . . !

Everett Shockley
12/14/2011 7:40pm

Congratulations on your award. I know a lot of time and energy were sacrificed, but for a worthy project about a subject that still intrigues everyone in the NRV who's old enough to remember. I'll keep an eye on the site and hope to see it in the theater someday.

Ellen Messick
12/12/2012 7:56pm

Congrats for all your hard work. I was a classmate of Gina's sister, Dlana. I graduated and left Radford just before Gina arrived and subsequently went missing. I wonder how Dlana and her parents feel about the movie? Do you have their blessing? cooperation? approval? I have mourned for them over the years, wondered about their pain and coping, and I truly hope this project is something that will serve them in life's journey.

02/05/2013 7:12pm

Gina was subletting the townhouse she and her sister Dlana were living in from my boyfriend (now my husband) the summer of 1980, since he had graduated in fall semester of '79 and no longer needed the townhouse but needed to find renters for the remainder of his lease. We were friends with Dlana and her boyfriend (now husband) and knew that Gina was just coming to Radford as a Freshman that year but came early that summer for other school activities she was involved with and since she and Dlana had a place to move into, it just made sense to come the summer before classes bagan.

I knew Gina but not very well yet. We were all going out to a party that night in Radford, except for Gina. We, meaning my husband, Dlana, her husband and myself. Dlana begged Gina to come with us but she wanted to go hang out in Blacksburg for the night and maybe meet up with some friends from high school. Dlana lectured Gina in how dangerous it was to go out by yourself and how she hated Gina doing that sort of thing. Dlana reluctantly handed over her car keys to Gina and begged her to be careful. We parted ways in the parking lot of the townhouse complex and that was the last time any of us ever saw Gina.

That was a horrible summer at RU and reading this blog is just bringing it all back as I didn't even know this blog existed until 20 minutes ago.

Anyway, congratulations to you both for your hard work and great efforts. I too would love to know what Gina family thinks of your efforts. Good luck. I will continue to check in on this blog.

Kim Thunert
02/16/2013 6:45am

I also found this blog around the same time that you did. I didn't "know" Gina, but I did happen to meet her the night she disappeared. I regularly search online, just to see if there's been anything new, if perhaps she's finally been found. I'd love the chance to talk to you about that night! Are you still in touch with Gina's family? I've often thought about them! I've tried on many occasions to let someone know what I know about that night...to no avail. (I did contact the police the day she was in the newspaper). I'll check back here to see if you've been back to this page. I'll be glad to send you my email address or Facebook page. Thanks!

Kimberly Jett
02/12/2013 1:30am

I met Gina the night she disappeared. I've tried on many occasions to talk to someone about our meeting that night, with little luck. (I did go to the police the day her picture and story were in the paper.) I search regularly online, hoping that I'd finally see that she'd been found. That's what led me here. I only spoke with Gina for about 20 minutes, but she's never been far from my thoughts. I know I was one of the last few people to talk to her...and to see Stephen Epperly bothering her. That, in fact, was why we met. She approached me and my roommate and asked to sit with us because Epperly wouldn't leave her alone. He even approached her at our table. We chased him off. Sadly, we left not to long after. (We did ask Gina if she wanted to walk out with us. She declined, saying she'd be fine.) I've lived with the 'what if's' for all these years. I've never believed Gina willingly left with Epperly, because that makes no sense. She wouldn't walk out with 2 women, yet she'd willingly leave with a man she was clearly very uncomfortable around? I'm so sorry we didn't insist she leave with us or that we didn't stay just a little longer. I know I didn't harm her, but I've felt so guilty all these years. I'd love the chance to talk to anyone who knew Gina. Please feel free to email me or pass along my email address. I'll continue to watch for updates here. Kim

Kimberly Jett
02/24/2013 2:39am

I was finally able to make contact with Gina's cousin! Wow! I can't tell you how much it meant to actually tell someone in her family what I knew about that night. My life has been effected by Gina in so many ways! I was so glad to be able to tell what I knew to be the truth. She KNEW that what I was saying is true, because she KNEW Gina! Hopefully, you're resting a little more peacefully, Gina.You'll never be forgotten...not by friends, family, and yes...a few of us who barely knew you or didn't know you at all! <3

05/11/2015 8:17pm

Great work! I have always been very interested in this case. I followed very close even though I was very young. It captured everyone's attention that summer and the months that followed. My sister was a Nurse at the old Radford Hospitol and remembers Stephen Epperly being brought there for some reason I can't recall.
I turned 12 on June 29, 1980 isn't that weird. I hope to see this story told on the big screen one day. Perhaps this will lead to Gina's body being found. Congratulations and much success.


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